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Meet this gorgeous little girl, she is the daughter of Sion and Anna who recently came into have a few portraits taken.

First we went down to the local drive and grabbed some family photos before the rain came, well it did spit a little and looked like the sky would open up but it did stay nice for a little bit even if it was a little cold and chilly.

Little Seren wasn't going to have a bar of going to sleep but that didn't matter.  I loved having her watch me as I captured her and how can one not smile with those gorgeous wee eyes.

Born on the 24th of July 2019, Serene Bailey Jenkin's weighted 9lb 4 ounces, hard to believe considering she is now almost 8 weeks old and doesn't seem much bigger than that now!  Isn't she just the sweetest wee thing?



She might only be not quite 8 weeks old but this wee thing has a whole lot of sass!



Many thanks to Sion and Anna for trusting me with their precious wee girl.

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Last weekend we spent the day in Taupo watching this wee girl competing in another round of her gym comp.

This sassy young lady always amazes me when it comes to her gymnastics.  Her effort and determination even when things don't always go her way.  She is at level 'Step Four' She never shows any signs of being disappointed if she doesn't manage to pass on the day, she smiles and carries on.  Even when we talk about it at home she is always 'meh and its not that she doesn't care, she's just not the type of kid to let these things overwhelm her.  She will pass I have no doubt about that, she doesn't doubt that.

Meanwhile she will continue to pour every ounce of engery she has into practicing,no-one can doubt her dedication.  She will gain strength in the areas she needs to and she will learn that when she does pass this level (be it this year or next year) that great acheivement takes work, dedication and confidence.  She has been so close with her scores so we know its not too far away.  She makes us proud with every attempt.  Well done Tayla on everything you have achieved so far in and out of the gym. You really are a total champ.

This weekend she will head to New Plymouth, New Zealand.

She will come away a champion no matter what, why?  Because she will enter a champion that's why!


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Some days you wake up and you just know its going to be a crapper of a day and then there are days like yesterday and boom one simple wee comment 'like asking for dam popcorn' lights up your messenger like a civil defence warning. Well actually I've never had a civil defence warning but you get my drift.

If there is one thing that I have learnt in the past five years it would have to be (drum roll please) You do not have to like everyone or have everyone in your life!  Yes folks you heard right. Not everyone in your circle are going to get along and that's okay. The world is still going to be there tomorrow.

One thing people know about me is, I don't hold any punches, so when I do it takes everything I have.

E v e r y t h i n g

Well, hold no more, punches released.  Funny that I am using that term considering the person wanting to 'punch my head in' umm when did I return to College? Actually none of this dumb shit is funny but anyhow.

There will be those that lie (oh my god the lies) they will sit on their keyboards and act all tough. They will attack anyone and everyone who they think (and I use that term loosely) is on my side, honestly though yesterday you made yourself look like a obnoxious fool. I made my 'Prospects' What does that even mean? Do you mean my daughters? Oh yes they added a smile emoji, Right then I promise to have a word with them in future how dare they.  But seriously, do you even know my kids?  They stopped listening to anything we had to say years ago so please if the emoji upset you yesterday I will tell my adult daughters off.  You make this about sides, this is not about sides I couldn't give a shit about sides, its about truth. this is about the dam truth maybe I need to type that slower.

I have spent 30 years drumming into my children, lifes number one rule - do not lie!  Yes, we all tell fibs from time to time that's one thing but when it comes down to the big deal situations involving my child don't think lying about it is going to have me in a good place - it won't. You got caught out when my kid owned what he did - truth! Lies kill relationships have we not learnt that people?

Maybe the fault lies with the fact I actually asked a question, oh wait I actually didn't ask the question, I replied to some bullshit after the question was already asked. Thank goodness for screenshots! I have always told my children the first lie will only lead to more lies (I've actually lost count of what lie we're up to at this stage but anyway.) And then I read, that I am the liar and other pretty words?  Umm honey would you like to clarify? No - hmm no surprises there.  If you want to show me when and what I have lied about that could be benificial before you plaster whatever you want all over facebook and attempting to out me.

This sitution was near enough to sorted back in June between those that mattered (no not you honey but the rest of us) then boom out of the blue more messsaging starts. Clearly Miss Bully was bored silly so decided to hash up shit new and old and bring in more people adding my name, attacking my reputation and attempting to tear our family apart and you know what? Today enough is enough!  I really am over your stupid games and I will out you right back. You call yourself a qualified teacher I find your behavior appalling, thank goodness you don't teach - that in itself is scary.

I have been accused of telling this person one thing this person another.... um wrong person honey I didn't even know that information until now so the laughs on you, you outed yourself by bringing it up!  Yeah you say had a sad upbringing, stop playing the dam victim, mine wasn't all roses either get over it or seek help!  This bullshit is like being at College all over again, actually no my College friends were way more mature.

I have to say out of this does come some good people and I have realised that regardless of the lengths she has gone to to destroy me, there are those that will go out of their way to make me feel good. I would like to thank those that have sent messages to me apologising for her behavior.  We have mutual family members so obviously some people are feeling torn.  I'm just sorry you have had to also read the crap online, but thank you and yes I know you are in a hard place also. Remember I in no way hold any of you responsible for her actions and her online attacks and yes, I know she is one sad and angry individual. I know many sad and angry people but they aren't going around attacking innocent people for kicks - just saying. And yes, while I did feel sorry for her at one point that has definitely changed in the passed 24 hours. I'm angry yes, I'm angry as hell but in regards to her I couldn't give a shit what happens to her, seriously I feel blah - nothing and she's just not the type of person I need in my bubble and that's okay, my bubble is full! 

So now I am at this point after almost three months of online crap.

For many reasons I haven't publicly said anything. I am a very private person so I am finding this whole saga humiliating to say the least.  Yes I am a business owner as most of you know and this will no doubt have a negative effect on my business that I have poured hours into but she is going to keep on attacking even if I stay quiet so being that I can't win either way I am going to finally stick up for myself why? Why the hell not! Of course this no doubt will bring embarrasment to my family and some of my children have no clue what the hell is going on so this will come as a shock to them I'm sorry. I have a daughter, sister and brother in law in Perth who don't need to be reading the crap online and worry that I'm okay - I'm not but I will own that and I will be.  So this is not an ideal situation but that's okay, because this is about me not anyone else. Don't anyone message me personally about this - I'm done and I will not be replying to anything related to this crap in fact today I will not be answering anything.

I am so over being everyone's scapegoat over the years and I am so fukin done with bullshit. I don't deserve this shit.  I am too old for this shit.  So this is me standing up for ME, some won't like it and to be honest I don't give a flying &^%$, sorry but symbols are better than letters aren't they?

I have been torn lately between my two dads advice: My late father in law who would say to me after the longest dam pause 'you need to choose your battles' then long pause. Well daddy Mac I have refrained, Oh how I have refrained - there are many occasions when I could have said so much more. But you know I will always stick up for my children, always and perhaps that too is the problem.

And there's my own dad and one thing he taught me "If you aren't going to love yourself enough to stick up for yourself, you better believe there won't be anyone else to do it'  Well dad I'm apparently going to get my head punched in but you know what at this point I couldn't give a shit. And yes you didn't raise no whimp.

So onwards and upwards, I will dedicate the remainder of this Saturday to my grand-daughter who is in another Gymnastic Competition this will probably kill any remaining nerves I have *giggles* At least I will be in a better place with no internet connection go me.

You all have a blessed day our there and if you see my name in facebook land sorry, just ignore it and just think while she's picking on me she's leaving someone else alone so there's always a positive to everything right?

Oh and if you got this far go and check out my website its had a huge facelift :) Let me know your thoughts on how I can improve it, lets face it I probably won't listen but you can give it whirl at least lol.

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Heading home from New Plymouth earlier this year we managed to capture some gorgeous sites.  

New Zealand you really are quite stunning aren't you?

The light was perfect and who would guess that we were driving when this was taken?  No I wasn't personally driving that would be silly!

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Our oldest Tash has brought her first home so she is living the dream of having a mortgage.  What an achievement!

Grayson is still growing like a weed (he should really stop) he now towers over most of his aunties and uncles not to mention his nana.  He's still playing soccer which is great.  It is a little weird though watching him play now with mini men type creatures I'm sure last year they were just little boys now they have all grown so much.

Tayla continues to be the gymnast of the family (although Kade too has taken a liking to his gymnastic events), this week sees us head to Taupo for her comp, she is so close to passing so fingers crossed.

This image is from the end of last year, we really need to update them but these things can't be rushed.


Whoops almost started the first day of blogging without the blogging because why?  I am absolutely that hopeless!

So the rundown for 2019.  Grandson Oliver has just turned one last month, yes one already its so dam unfair that they grow so fast.  He is so little and cute but that doesn't stop this little rugrat he is just like any other wee toddler baby and he will give it his all if he thinks he can do it and if he can't he just smiles the Ollie Bug smile and someone will do it for him, yes hes that cute! 

Oh and second bubby for our family Nathan (Moo) was born in November 2018 (yeah see I told you I had been hopeless) and he's fast approaching his first birthday, yeah yeah I said I was hopeless!!!

Just like his slightly older cousin he is adorable.  Smiles for everyone he meets and this past week has started crawling on all fours. He likes to keep me entertained by climbing through his parents furniture and out the other end he's for sure going to keep them on their toes as he gets older.

The image below was taken of him when he was roughly seven months.Cute as a button!


Kade has had a massive first year playing hockey and watching him was awesome.  Anyone would think that little boy has been playing for years.  He's was a right little trooper, getting in there and facing whatever was coming his way.

He didn't get any broken bones nor did he break any noses/  Let's face it those hockey sticks are not to be taken lightly I have seen the damage they can do with much older players.

Bailey continues to sing and dance and we are planning a fun little shoot with her in the next few weeks so we'll do a blog on her once we have shot and edited those images but she has almosted completed her first year at school and we have grandparents day next week that I'm looking forward to.


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