About Me


A Little About Me

Hey and welcome, I'm Kiri from Kiri Maria Photography.  Wife, mother and very proud Nana, we are based in the little Waikato town of Matamata, known for horse racing and Hobbits! 

My husband Michael or Mike as he insists I call him, is one of Hobbitons Driver Guides, he is also a Musician, so trust me when I say he is quite the entertainer!

We have quite the tribe with our eight children and as a blended family we have been doing life together since 2004.  We have another grandchild due at the end of August 2022, so that's exciting and I am knitting like a crazy woman.  We also have a little nephew due in just a few weeks so another reason to knit and shop!


I love spending time in my garden and it seems to have become a huge part of my photography journey where my second photography page on facebook was born.  If you are part of the facebook community then head over to see Kiri Maria Inspired and of course Kiri Maria Photography drop by and leave a comment, I would love to hear from you.

As you can see my two cats are better in front of the camera than I am, meet Mocha (old and grumpy) and Willow, (young and playful)  they both get spoilt love to help me in the garden especially Willow was a rescue kitten and was found with her siblings in the hollow of a tree stump.

I am a self taught photographer mainly capturing families and children which I love.  I completed my photography diploma back in 2010, while living in Australia.

If you are thinking about a session for your family then lets chat and start planning, I would love to hear from you.


Kiri xo