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~It's not that your parents love their grandkids more. It's that their grandkids remind them of you as a child. And its like getting to love that version of you all over again ~ Tiktok 2024


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Where do I even start with the wedding of Andrew and Melissa?  Melissa had asked me soon after my first daughters wedding if I would also capture hers and of course that was a given after our intial meeting with herself and Andrew.  I absolutely loved working with these two with Melissa's infectious smile which made every encounter with her full of fun and Andrews insight to what he wanted in a photo making my job capturing their day a pleasant and easy one. Their wedding was held at Daltons Plantation in Matamata and what an absolute delight to be working To View More >>

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So we all have that one friend. That one friend who has the ability to drive you absolutely crazy but at the same time you wouldn't want her any other way!  Please tell me you have one of those friends surely I can't be the only one?  Her name is Kat and she is my little bit of crazy - you know the happy jolly kind of crazy. . . You see Kat phones me and asks me if I am doing anything on the first of December. " well no pretty sure I'm not" I tell her "well hold that date free" she says down the phone, it's about this time that I know she is pretty well up to something and To View More >>

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It happened. Our first family wedding. December 17th, 2016. The weather was perfect, the bride calm and the groom had the grill heating and a friendly game of backyard cricket was in play!  That alone would be enough for some but not for us, it was wedding day!The bride was glowing, honestly from head to toe, she was as bright as any star, and there was a reason, today she would marry her prince charming. ?From the gorgeous array of flowers that accompanied the girls, to the reception room being filled with everything pretty just how I imagined Ella would have it and so much To View More >>