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~It's not that your parents love their grandkids more. It's that their grandkids remind them of you as a child. And its like getting to love that version of you all over again ~ Tiktok 2024



Well, well, well guess who grew up and guess who wasn't ready for it, yup me!  Our oldest grandchildren Grayson 18 and Tayla 15.  Where oh where have the days gone because I swear it was only yesterday my oldest daughter was tellling me she was pregnant for the first time and in the blink of an eye we suddenly have two teenagers and with Grayson turning 18 this year he's really an adult not a teen.  They are two of the best humans I know and yes I'm a little bias, they are afterall my oldest grand-son and grand-daughter. These amazing humans love on the younger cousins To View More >>

Welcome to our newest littlest love, Elliot Michael Leo Wild.  Our ninth Grandson Elliot was named after his Grandad (Michael) and Great Grandfather (Leo). Yes, you may be thinking oh didn't that certain Grandad already have a Grandson named after him? Yes he did!  This is Grandson number two, imagine how swollen Grandads head is hahaha - no seriously isn't it awesome! I didn't think he was ever going to come out.  Watching our youngest daughter through the first stage of labour wasn't easy, while she was being an absolute trooper the time had come for her to head to Waikato hospital To View More >>

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When they say good friends are hard to find they obviously hadn't met Carmen or her son Sonny.  This mother and son duo met up with us to have lunch - yum another excuse to go to the Stables on Alfpha!  We looked into a couple of places in Cambridge and found this new little place (well new to me) Lake Te Joo Utu Reserve was basically just up the road from where we were and what an awesome little place for photos of any kind. We had talked about capturing these two for a while so it was good to finally get them in front of the camera. Sonny always has us in fits with his querky humor To View More >>

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Another year over and like every other human who faced it, I have to say it was a wee bit challenging from time to time. Unlike many though it wasn't Covid that had the greatest effect on me although it certainly did leave us with some moments I would rather forget! I had been diagnosed with Graves Disease just weeks prior to New Zealands lockdown and had been having weekly blood tests to montior how I was responding to the medication. Lets just say that firstly Graves sucks. As does the medication. The anxiety. The weight gain. The itch - oh the fukin itch! Vision problems. Yip it all just sucks.  To View More >>

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Some days you wake up and you just know its going to be a crapper of a day and then there are days like yesterday and boom one simple wee comment 'like asking for dam popcorn' lights up your messenger like a civil defence warning. Well actually I've never had a civil defence warning but you get my drift. If there is one thing that I have learnt in the past five years it would have to be (drum roll please) You do not have to like everyone or have everyone in your life!  Yes folks you heard right. Not everyone in your circle are going to get along and that's okay. The world To View More >>

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