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Another year over and like every other human who faced it, I have to say it was a wee bit challenging from time to time. Unlike many though it wasn't Covid that had the greatest effect on me although it certainly did leave us with some moments I would rather forget! I had been diagnosed with Graves Disease just weeks prior to New Zealands lockdown and had been having weekly blood tests to montior how I was responding to the medication. Lets just say that firstly Graves sucks. As does the medication. The anxiety. The weight gain. The itch. Vision problems. Yip it all just sucks.  The one plus To View More >>

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Some days you wake up and you just know its going to be a crapper of a day and then there are days like yesterday and boom one simple wee comment 'like asking for dam popcorn' lights up your messenger like a civil defence warning. Well actually I've never had a civil defence warning but you get my drift. If there is one thing that I have learnt in the past five years it would have to be (drum roll please) You do not have to like everyone or have everyone in your life!  Yes folks you heard right. Not everyone in your circle are going to get along and that's okay. The world To View More >>

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Our oldest Tash has brought her first home so she is living the dream of having a mortgage.  What an achievement! Grayson is still growing like a weed (he should really stop) he now towers over most of his aunties and uncles not to mention his nana.  He's still playing soccer which is great.  It is a little weird though watching him play now with mini men type creatures I'm sure last year they were just little boys now they have all grown so much. Tayla continues to be the gymnast of the family (although Kade too has taken a liking to his gymnastic events), this week To View More >>

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Well its that time of the year when I have to change to a new external drive and find a better way of storing and importing files.  One might say I have been putting this task off for a while and if you class two years as a while then that's what we will call it!  Once I kept every file, now anything that won't make the editing cut also gets cut from the computer or external drive.  Its taken weeks and when I say weeks I actually mean months but I think I am finally there.  I had thought previously that I would discard images after six months but I have since changed To View More >>

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