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It happened. Our first family wedding.

December 17th, 2016.

The weather was perfect, the bride calm and the groom had the grill heating and a friendly game of backyard cricket was in play! 
That alone would be enough for some but not for us, it was wedding day!

The bride was glowing, honestly from head to toe, she was as bright as any star, and there was a reason, today she would marry her prince charming. 

?From the gorgeous array of flowers that accompanied the girls, to the reception room being filled with everything pretty just how I imagined Ella would have it and so much more.


With her handsome hubby to be, my almost son in law, (eek moment) waiting patiently downstairs and the girls attending Ella sneaking peeks from the window above - Ella sets off to meet with Nick for their 'First Look'
Okay I tell myself, 'keep it together' This was a must not cry moment,  yep prep talk is working, you're the photographer, (Its about now I tell myself to shut the hell up) you're here to capture some once only images, the first impressions they will have of each other, blah blah blah,  oh heck who am I kidding?  Of course tears were not an option - they were a given now hand me a tissue!  
I caution Ella to wait clearly there is something in my eye (yip something in the wind has blown into my eye).
Time to gain my composure, you know whats its like when something gets in your eye it hurts!  It would probably be helpful at this point to re-focus the camera, oh wait it must have rained there are raindrops on the viewfinder, a quick wipe and we are away. I let her know to go ahead.  She giggles - she's mocking me I'm sure, my daughters tend to do that.


See - clearly it was catchy.  I'm sure they felt the raindrops too I decide as Ella tenderly wipes Nicks face - we sure get some funny weather here in the Waikato I think to myself.With the 'first look' completed and with minimal tears from me,  we set off to capture one or two images before the guests arrived.


My gorgeous girl smiled from the moment she woke up I'm sure.  I don't think there was a moment I didn't see her smiling and that would have to be all a mother could ask for.  
We ventured around the lovely grounds of Woodlands making the most of what they have to offer.  This really is an awesome venue for couples looking at wanting somewhere that is relaxing and gorgeous!
With the bridal photos near completion we noticed a few guests arriving.  It was time to get Ella back to the homestead without being seen.  I left that to the boys while I finished getting some shots of Ella's gorgeous girls.

Time had rolled around fast but Nick and Ella had a calmness about them that was so lovely to be around.  The nerves you often see before a ceremony were missing.  They parted, happily knowing they would see each other for the ceremony to declare their love in front of those that loved them both.
?This was it.  My little girl was about to get married.



The ceremony was perfect. She giggled. He looked at her and the love they shared was apparent. Oh shit take the photo!

There were so many special parts of their day for us. Ella asking her 'other' dad to walk her to her dad was another a special moment for me. Watching both these men who have helped raise this beautiful soul was .Oh forget it - pass me a tissue!?!!  Seeing my grand-daughter walk out. My grandson attending to the rings as he had done years earlier for my wedding when he gave me away at the tender age of three - where has the time gone. Sniff, sniff, tissue please. But the best of all was watching as Nick and Ella's grandmothers signed their marriage papers, how special is that, that is one surprise Nick and Ella had even kept from them!

Just special.

To Nick, once again welcome to the craziness we call our family.  I honestly couldn't ask for a better son-in-law to love and care for our Ella. And to our darling, gorgeous, over the top perfectionist we call Ella Bella. I wouldn't change you for the world.  You are still a scamp but know we love you just the way you are you gorgeous creature!

Mama xx

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