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~It's not that your parents love their grandkids more. It's that their grandkids remind them of you as a child. And its like getting to love that version of you all over again ~ Tiktok 2024



Welcome to our newest littlest love, Elliot Michael Leo Wild.  Our ninth Grandson Elliot was named after his Grandad (Michael) and Great Grandfather (Leo). Yes, you may be thinking oh didn't that certain Grandad already have a Grandson named after him? Yes he did!  This is Grandson number two, imagine how swollen Grandads head is hahaha - no seriously isn't it awesome! I didn't think he was ever going to come out.  Watching our youngest daughter through the first stage of labour wasn't easy, while she was being an absolute trooper the time had come for her to head to Waikato hospital To View More >>

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When your much younger and may I add crazier friend, has baby number three!  Meet Ardie Ross.  Little brother to Axton and Alby.  Ardie arrived with a ton of gorgeous dark hair any mother would be proud of. Parenthood comes natural to these two I swear they can take on anything life throws at them.  Axton too is such a natural when it comes to welcoming his little siblings.  You can tell by the way he holds his little brother that he's taking it all in his stride.  Alby on the other hand - well he wasn't too sure, after all sharing his daddy for the photos was very To View More >>

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Little Theo Michael Phillips came into the world on April 12th 2021.  The fourth little human of Krissy and Blair.  Youngest brother of Kade, Bailey and little Oliver.  He also happens to be our eighth grandchild. Named after grandad and boy does he (grandad) like to remind us all about this wonderful achievement of his hahaha.  In fact, we are not allowed to call him Theo, we have to call him Theo Michael (good lord grandad, you can't be serious), sorry folks - he is in actually very serious! Theo Michael (sorry but Grandad insists I call him by his whole name) To View More >>

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He was born the day before his actual due date and on his big brothers due date (two years previously). Little Jackson Xavier Boberg. Second son of Nick and Ella and little brother of Nathan.  I picked out his great grandfathers nose immediately, poor little Jackson I giggled.  He had a mass of dark hair which really throw me as I was expecting him to be bald or close to it like his big brother.  Although we knew he wasn't going to be big, he seemed so teeny weeny to me.  Just three short hours after his birth we got to meet Jackson.  While his mum and dad were walking To View More >>

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Our gorgeous little grandson is finally here and he is just as adorable as we imagined him to be.  He was born August 7th, 2018.  Weighing 7lb, 13oz even if the scales were out a little bit. Oliver was born in Waikato but was back home in Matamata within hours of his birth and of course Uncle Kerry and I had to have cuddles as soon as he arrived, no waiting around for Granddad nope he would have to have his own visit and he did. Big brother and sister Kade and Bailey were overjoyed to be finally meeting their new brother. Both had turns at holding him just To View More >>