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~It's not that your parents love their grandkids more. It's that their grandkids remind them of you as a child. And its like getting to love that version of you all over again ~ Tiktok 2024


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Well, well, well guess who grew up and guess who wasn't ready for it, yup me!  Our oldest grandchildren Grayson 18 and Tayla 15.  Where oh where have the days gone because I swear it was only yesterday my oldest daughter was tellling me she was pregnant for the first time and in the blink of an eye we suddenly have two teenagers and with Grayson turning 18 this year he's really an adult not a teen.  They are two of the best humans I know and yes I'm a little bias, they are afterall my oldest grand-son and grand-daughter. These amazing humans love on the younger cousins To View More >>

At the end of 2020 I got to meet these gorgeous girls and I have to say, they melted my heart the second I saw them! Even their names suited them perfectly. Maddy is the olderst and wow she is a model in the making.  Kaiah is next and her smile just lit up my camera and then as if I wasn't happy enough little Anya, what a little firecracker she had me in fits.   They reminded me why I do this.  I love capturing children just doing what they do best - to play and explore.  While I like to give them a little direction now and then To View More >>

Our gorgeous little grandson is finally here and he is just as adorable as we imagined him to be.  He was born August 7th, 2018.  Weighing 7lb, 13oz even if the scales were out a little bit. Oliver was born in Waikato but was back home in Matamata within hours of his birth and of course Uncle Kerry and I had to have cuddles as soon as he arrived, no waiting around for Granddad nope he would have to have his own visit and he did. Big brother and sister Kade and Bailey were overjoyed to be finally meeting their new brother. Both had turns at holding him just To View More >>