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~It's not that your parents love their grandkids more. It's that their grandkids remind them of you as a child. And its like getting to love that version of you all over again ~ Tiktok 2024


November 22nd, 2020.

Moo (my grandson, real name Nathan, aged two) was about to become a brand new big brother which meant that while daddy, mummy and Auntie Tash got to go and have a baby, Moo got to spend the day with Nana (that's me, well one of them)

So as they headed out the door it did cross my mind that we could be in for endless hours of tears, possible tantrums and maybe kicking, and that was just his mother hahaha. No seriously, I did wonder how he would cope as he had only wanted mummy during those early contractions, those early 'fake contractions' (I call them fake because I didn't believe Ella was serious after all she was far too happy for them to be real).  Note to self - fake contractions were in fact real.

Also note to self -  remind Auntie Tash not to go out the night before the due date when playing the role of a birthing partner!


Anyway back to my time with my Moo.

We watched Trash Truck probably about 22 times (omg best kids program on Netfix) his giggle during the pizza scene are some of my favourite moments of the day.  He gave me four heart attacks with his ladder climbing skills or rather was it me not trusting his ladder climbing skills but rest assured he had them down to a fine art!  We played with the stones in the garden, that would probably be frowned upon but lets not tell mum and dad.  Oh yeah and if the water timer is different now - that wasn't us.  We even had a home photography session they are in the collage above, well of course we had to document this milestone!  

A very short two hours later, Moo became a big brother at 12.12pm.  Omg it was real contractions!

Little Jackson was born and what a strong and mighty wee boy he is. 

We had to get Moo fed and down for a sleep (yes, clearly I did think we had more time).  Aunty Tash dashed back to pick us up but with a tired out two year old we had to wait for his nap time to end.  I think we got to the Birthing Unit a little after 3pm.  Moo meet his little brother, held him of course and soon it was time to head back to Nana and Grandads for a few nights.

During his stay we decided to have another little photoshoot, this time we included his bestie animal friend our little cat Willow.  They are the best of buddies with almost every photo of Moo accomplanied by Miss Willow.

I have included a few of those images below.  






Thanks for a fun few days Moo.

Nana spent the next couple of days on a downer because you were so missed but I know mummy, daddy and Jackson needed to have you home to complete their little family unit.

All in all it was the best time and we loved having him. We can't wait for your next sleepover Moo.

Stay tuned for Jacksons newborn session, he's as cute as a button.

Love Nana, Grandad and Willow x

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